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Could You Have a Fractured Jaw Bone?

Posted on 1/23/2018 by Marilyn Pierce
Fractured Jaw OMA Edmond OK 73003-3083Your jaws are a very important, though often overlooked, part of your body. Your jaws allow you to eat and speak, which are two things we all do every day without even thinking about it. but what happens when you injure your jaw?

You begin to understand that things are not so easy when your jaws are not cooperating as they should be. A fractured jaw can greatly impact the functioning of your jaws, but it can sometimes be difficult to know whether or not your jaw is truly fractured.

Signs and Symptoms of a Fractured Jaw Bone

A fractured jaw bone occurs as a result of an impact to the jaws. Perhaps a fall or being hit during a sporting event has been causing you some pain. In order to know whether or not your jaw bone is fractured, we must first be able to examine your jaw bone before giving you that diagnosis.

However, if you are unsure if the pain you are experiencing is a fracture, there are some signs and symptoms that are commonly associated with fractured jaw bones.

When you have a fractured jawbone, you will usually recognize visual signs such as bruising and swelling or misaligned teeth. Pain from a fracture is exhibited by pain in the jaw, ear, or gums along with stiffness when moving your mouth.

You could also find it difficult to open and close your mouth or you might be feeling numbness in your mouth area. Any of these symptoms that are present after impact to the jaw could indicate a fractured jawbone.

Whether you think your jaw bone is fractured or not, symptoms of this nature need to be examined by a professional. Come by our office and let us take a look and determine the root of the problem. We are here to help!

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